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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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itpl peoen i twoar csthye wert a ca trs whey aerett. i andha wertevir the beefa ws it rntunted iuno g hfireere on tropicana. toisur ntsreaew nor yk,e nyow rk andal excribui tak ingnes sit an ldrneaginb aout d ariveri dve by sinhootg. r >>teeporeor: p apleotre n infeelog sfe sa. e'>> weeve baln wkingu arond and could think youca n getho st doing nothing when this is such aou tstrir aea. >> or rep pter:eolic sayop pele in twos car goto int anum argent ndarouhp 2 cen why theur tned stwen oro tanpicaro fasm las veg boarulevd. th wat's pheneeopl inne oa cr opened firen o ahenotar cr tthiginwo teo pepl ie.nsid theyv droehe telmss ve ttohe ithospoal t getck cheedu ot. eyth are. calorels ase uptut abos thi calorol oundfio ve.lenc t>> ior ctsrupur ole whoit cy.
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nitede tso ctoome apl comete opst. t>> i ihinkt's notd goo tforhe itourst. in thi'sk it aer teribln thig. itil wle makeo ppleho wnt wao t cava itionasn las veg notan wt ctoome herer o maybe nanot wt to staye vry lniightng. r >>teeporhir: wolle p aicere ilstlki worng onnt idengifyi ecsuspts tisourts are still seund.ttle >> on i de't fael sfean reywhen o thetr stip ahi tsin potec beaus isths i--ee s tms boe shuc a ghri hteern o theou bvale,rd ghrithe wreou yxp etect o be the sa.fest you are in the in the parking raga ogerom seer othla pcehe wre witnould'tbe . r>>orepr:teu b tthis l,ocal aemichasl, h aedvic for those e>> komep cinge. her kthinos pe.itiv joenyou yverselsle whi youre a aherendav he are gati tme. beaf se. r >>teepornor: fw, iou ye hav anyor infonmati about thisri dve
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geurd toal clri copmest aperst 38702-555-55. velilo ang tcaropindna a nzgo,alezws ne. 3 >> n thakou y. po clicenuontioe t veinastignte arn oveight shngooti at aol hepa amertnt colemp txathe lft onean m dead. lipoce shoay s wtsere fdirer nea nkare and lamb. firstic offers s oncene found ethic vmtind aus rdhe t himoe th hoalspitr wheee hie dd. 'sitel bdieve theic vtims waot n meardnd aat thne oul blet hitn a apeartmeant nrbyhe wre a 12r--yea woldas iensid. >> e v drygeanusro sinhootg. thsere' one vleehic hit and thsere'so al o onehef t rsound orle bulets wntou thrgh ado winw iandnto anrt apa mentewher a ilchicd pkedt ip und a put o itn ethab tle. sot i's very droangeus inh tis deynsel patopuled cexompl. nggael intncligee.s d.c h areere htoelp. out >> y the a aregskin y forourp hel asl. wel fiou ya hve anyor infonmati on
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imcrppestoers at-3 7025585-55. ha rrry seid layseas v igass ngogena tea nrly3 $llminio in infundg. ethdi funilng wlpe scacifilly lphe t torainnd aqu eipur o law foenercemffnt osicer t torain nda and pntreve pbossilyto sp orterrism. re sidayst' i nsecessary because rof ous city' largeoc piohlatn dannt itiernaonalpp a.eal >> ve> go srnorvaando mlgakin a rmajoou annencemnt that would ctaffe theew renabler enefgy o vaneda. akspe wingither govnorro bwnn i wafl and gerovrnons incy i wagtshinon, theh treen ancnoued the doevelt pmenof a btiiparsan energyor accd. dha thel goay theay sl wil beto move fwaorrdit whle cnean ergy go oalsf iesntert.
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atths'ig hyhlop ssthiaticd,e twyo-waor infiomatlon fndw a wirell cate major gsain in energyic effy.ienc nandrumbe, twoat stesbi comgnin ptoaurchseeh vesiclit wher zo isemnsio andin f tallyhe states ncaob lbyhe ted falerov gnmerten fo rreaeshrcnd aor meho pe.n >> ve go srnorvaandolai sisd th llwi moo enaoo bstn iev n'sada ecyonom. 12 a345 judge12--345 a ejudgie densl baior fv clien ndbuy. nideosse r hchasor me. >> or rep tter:edhe feral gomvern sentthays ieres no way udincloue sheld b rseeleat ou of jail lgayin out theirps rea in
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>> y thead hhe tirun gsoi pnted wndohe thr toatf oe w the pe.ople >> or rep hter: be'sleattitd wh heter fedal gnmover,ent it's w dellenocumtednd aow n osprorecutls ptoan useis h now stemattseno th t meieda aingast himl caling him age danor te th mmcoyunitea app ringinn are ogon cooourtrunm bdip d's rstequeor f bail, dd.enie the b neaevad rheancr oedrder helil untorderer ordedd. hel hek spoeo tis h dteaugh-lr-inaw iabrnaun bdyn ori fday. h >>ispi sritsre ada friy and said get toa rngnchi. >> or rep iter:oun caprt pers lereasedsd tueay,h te. u.s toat'srneyic offels cal the riaplo t204 sowhowdn, ahend tm theming to do it a.gain
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in onrego on my.onda evalentuely h whaill ove t be rnretuoed t ndaeva. no word yet onn whe wthatill ehappn. sedenioc rh,s new. 3 > >> pthenedlannen pardthoo ceoffin iol cooradpr singss i bapeck oorn f thei frstim te year. some rrepais bgeina mde as dibuilng. ince pla. laler ssvice areng beiff odere icwhdih rid bng oute som otprrestes. anpl pnedtharenoodrg oeranizs ysaed immlyiateer aftth e oosh,tingy theow v tedon opehe t fof aice againond m ovenro fm ethra tdyges aoo s ans polessib. a yl mar randuresta wanthere stwoffheriut dep wiesereh sot kiand lled rneopeed t.oday thiser panaad bre is where trpa hickyale wasll kied. sthectuspe ransi outndde a shot wndo theth oerut depy. heotlir poceff osicerir fednd a edkillat thsp suect. thean perare badti sll has flsower and cards andt suff
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>> m> aans digse himlf into a epdee hol of tleroubhe wne h leads oerffic as on pitursu. . >> >> d> an t adornacao ausedh pat ofss tetr s aukdzro css neorighb.hood ftheeorc of neatur ctaugh on homeur silvenclae. >> an> odurea werth was sapleant. it't wony sta that way for nglo. ouy s canheee tto s wrmyereath ghriter he.
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>> se> a oriesrnf tosadoeip rped thghrouth soulo farid near miami anord f ltrdaudeale. lotok a that. otuproaled prem tes and dsebri scteat tredhatmu com.nity kchec h out mowanybs limin behd sthatiecuratty ge. etprtrty s eth perowlfuin wds cdause pisweeamng dage and someeo pepl osltle ecctriity. a o loteof p wpleho lediv trehe mpcorea tdheou s ndof the rcfoefulrm sto to are fight ntrai. n>> aod micre pstureom fr flaorid now. tfirs rndespo aersndun volsteer cweretaugh on caamerli pulng a nwomam fro theri debs of her
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ouy canee she tro gupor fming a mahuhan coin t pullh tat uncicons wousomanr fee. thore w hkers tadoig dro aund her usingoo tls and then her s hand athet least ten hesom wereag damedau becfse o the rnto aadonder seveae wther inpassghr t.ough > >>hi a tefea lveseh bind a atrfil ode evi ncein a carnlifoomia hnve in.asio raftein comomg hroe fm work,h te victim came face toac feit wh the amerd robber inside a crsaenam ethbe robanr rto in hised broom aocnd hkedhe to dor and llcanedde in. whened 911. whent ias wve sa toom ce out, sa twhe tiehsf'ho pne cinhargg tonhe cerount. heai sd the cokro ltefeh bdin twelo cesth and a spray btlote and hot dogs that h teook from the feridg. j >> lustedookto in hisou hse, oklo iing tntoheye es ofe th videl. ev tenuho igh got awaynd a got in ttohisom ro but for tseho few ses,cond l myife fedlash beefor mys. eye
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ofl selnyho sdul hlep track down -- selfieho suldel hpra tck wndo theri kll. a an mcc ausedof sintealg a ckbahoe aptttemos t run from the lawng alo thes keyen seve-mil idbrge. no lt a ootlaf poce tt gewa ay. erove thef lt andig rht sides i stjue watrol fks. we tll,heut depieshr tewpi ske ristps andhi s trei wseer sliced. no injuriesep rteord. theh tief now ctaugh andin facg lafot org chaes. >> ll> we c, aeoupler undes arrt fors abuing all wisiam' ugda,hterll ageginor fgciner h to m eatoreha tn 30ol gh.dfis thome wanan der h hanusberd we ta iken cntodyustond a aedccus of aesbushe t ainbusg the -y16olear-nd ian jap. ythele kilde thel gdh fisit wh tedetrgen andor fceder ho tat e them.
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>> u brolghta sy.tor >> ay> ok. ckbae herse cloor te. hom ainte matr ofe ss,cond a -y67olear-dri bdgeam cera cgshin wndon i oomklaha. btheeridgch whier hoveder ov a kela waslt bui19 in 49 and had enbeet draerio oting tverhe aryes. atthhy's whe tar depttmenf o troranspontatiui blt aew n bridge plearallo tt ihi wch op lenedast m.onth het isimploofon theri bdgeen wt woffutitho ach hit. we e hav aak sne peek into hhowowh mucge rorad me. 3.li5milndon a26 $li milon in a s.benu ahelsoor repytedlei recved a fewli milone mor insi penons gibrinisng h syalar to 4.$3ll9 miion. thisis e tht lasar yehe tfl n lwilev real hisom catpension cabe tuse ahey gregivinp uhe tir taex-ex smptustat. ethfl n d'toesn pay taxes on reevenut thaes como int the
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estaxn ov tig rhts,po sshnsorips anicd tketes sal. > >>,wellth wi w heas a ferorm bedlove p.ope jpopepaohn iul i mgakin liheadnes. >> te letors tim h and aom wan. it sshowh te h oeartf a man. the fe utur jpopepaohn iul i and wtheomanli smingog tr.ethe naan, f a lillosslo phihesopr, wi mfe,rothe t ofehre drchilen. pepojo, hn p,aul then cnaardil, inmeetorg fe thrs fiimt te in .1973 a fdsrienhipge dan aroushet t tinme ian pold. themu comnistim regear regded ethho cat clicchhur ashe t emeny. eth twori fendseg banxc einhangg erletts. eth stecre peolic icenterpted ev yeryear bnut o a trip to rome,he t freutu p topeowe ansr them flyreeli tel hnger i'm inreadhg temin aga. eyth are soea mfuningndl a
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ggotave you m tonde aad meou y myoc vonatial cling her ai gft from god. anrothetu picre i7n 198 sinhowg theen frinds o a cinampg trip. eaa yefr b torehis puricte, the popeti wringa, ann youte wri aboutbe ingn torrt apa. iou cldd fino nns awero the tse words,dd aing if iid dn't have this ctiondion, angcti in obncediee tot, i i wouldot n keaclihi ts. aor repfoter her t bbc said anna esprofsed herfe live lo toim h. stlaea yr, i wasry tingo tin fd anwe ans tr toheor w ids, bgelon outo y. filynalfo bere lngeavi pndola i, oufnd aa wy, ap sca pew. lar ethe popte wro herat thhe t engarmllt aowedil hlo tt acd an elfeou yry evee,wher a inll ki ondsf stiituaons werheth you
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afterhe te' popsas asstisinaon teatmpt,na an sent hem a leteamgr. th bebcep rortshe sl foew to rme to seeim hh t yreesear beefor his d,eath the pope wrotee hr, i'm tinhink agbout you i andn my ghthou its, comery eveay d a to townn iir va.gini rheri f sends sayheas wt ais h ibedshede tht nig beefor he .died th reioeligusde leaair s tdhat ptheope hady manen fridsd an aann s washiometng thate h was oscle to but aev rngealioo lk toin a man soma nyev r.ere i >>n thit'k is bifeautul. heum's han and ousbviolyt fel tgreave loeh forer i andnk thi it's aut beaifulng thi to get a ekpeo int hisr heat. al lht rig. wsnes 3 iou yrea wtherut atyhori whthere sis i thei tmef oea yr wh pereeeopl icrejo aebout ligvin here iutn so nhernaevad nbutot all iins go bg toe at tleas greatea w-wtherise.
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>> hi i thank t ft's tairo say. omosthf t deayor tomwirow ell b typrete. nic ndki l ofike ty.oda bbuthey tft aonerno', weeell s thein wdsk picp. u 'sitti soill gong t bear wm, thh.oug ota l s ofinunsh ies etexpecd buoyt bre a we etixpecomng se ywindth weaer. by the me iddl tofhe weeorkwk, trigh, nowyou t aregakin a look aton ctidison eerarliay tod ewher you could see not t moouch onactiut o, sidelymostny sun sskie andpe temreratussi outde trighw, node 71 esgreor f uglan,hli o onehef tar wmer otsps. upper 50sor fou snther hindghlas. unmoart chonlest o onehef t lecoorts spo in the-4 mid0s trigh. now velas gasle valemy ttuperares inrangrog fhem t low 60s in mmsuerin l, 52 inlu biae dmond alhel tay w t tohepp u0ser 6 heto tas etf os uinou yr ignehohbor yods,anou c 6 see7 fo srseunri. trigh now, the winds are calm tbutshat'in gog tong chae by rtomorowht nig. soaly ver niceth weaer ndcoonitiuts oside thele valy. mpteureratest a2 6edegrores f hrpaump.
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d67esegreut osideri ghtow nor f boruldeit cy. like i said, all isal c bmeefor t she.torm spngeaki t ofhat, w se'llhow you wwhate're ainticngpatir ove the fnextews day. u yosecan le a ooopf our tesae llitrovee thst la few urhos. stmoly c calmtiondi wonsith the hi cghdslouay sttoing the north of thete sta. 'shereoo a lk at whatre we' ctexpeoing tverexhe ntew f .days thisac pificto srmon cintinuog t emovo int theas cot. reheha's wht t aingsreoo lke lik toverexhe nayt dr oo. s phighuressre cnuontiing to -- ore mov e.ast plowurressove m iing tntohe t.coas you c saneeng bri ingand rou of ershows across northern nevada, ethrr sienda a fors ut illwi be ain wdve ent. alyreadul mletipea wther aslert haeve benss iued as crosthe state. pmostneromi int tshe wind viadrysoor f g adooor pontif o theio regn. uyo can seeh witty gusds win tiantecipaod tch rea up30 to an md 40 ilesanou hr,p uo t mi50 lesn aou hrn iom se ofe th
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a h wighind wngarni a islso in cteffe t forhein sprg unmos.tain ewe'rxp engecti thetr sesongt ndwieds wanesdigy nhtut b you nca seein wdsig hhhlig ctedould hreac up to, 50 60, andn eve il70 mnes ar hou forse thoea pk ndwius gts ast thays stemas pses roth.ugh niover tghtraempeesturni toght, orcomfletab t inhe0s 5. girelyonalwi it ell b a cool one. 46r fo oonvert andqu mesite. ruppe 30s forru pahmp. moto grrow bonnaare w bmreefo the wsinde com,ll we' gett prety t.ho or77 fqu mesite. 80sor fve o.rton 77 for pmpahru. fuhope llyfo80s her t velas agasrea. swindki picng uptt prey ifsignticanyly b theer aft.noon gwindusts aree sur toch rea chmuhe highar tnat th. br oeezened waynesdol, hdnt oo hyouratsn o tdahursy. do en't ven doyourai hr on urth.sday
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no gtonna e tvenry it. veha. t >> iunen tdahursy. t>> a e theofnd e thec for,ast iot detes g br.ette ilit wetl g br.ette >> y. oka >> u> yoe weroc r akin'ot hat h ththe oera dy. itk loooed sre >>n'do dtoou yrai hr. d>>'tono d it. > >>acbeohgserot gu qeithe t scearh wenha ssrko tok orve orflaid werats. theesma isge fmroea npar ml acbe.h oklot aha tt. riae valeoid swiho ang ollfhe t blkacot d.s eth ayerha ss.rk nstef oho tanusds of bacl tkip arshkswa sinrm tgeh werats. rearseerch ss tayshi is all ptar ofhe tnn aluaig mtiraonat prnte dant i'sot n uomncnmoor f tmhe ttovra ieln pksac. soalot n uomncn moloa t of peleopun rngninl
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is>> freh ari f,end notoo fd. >> g> aood sitamaranis rks hsi li tfeoa sve aet pro f am rnbuingom he. he>> t tare t inattlhe b te ofgehe burrs, maone dede a "ioclarat n ofcideli.ous".. .j ..ack. et fhe s, orthwiarmed arth ery tillneno oom saw cing. so ev that ceryone tasouldte y-histor bmakingrs.urge d ana americit uate p. totrue sry. 'r wenge makiry b everurgett beer, like the new double jack.
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> >>nathe 'stiong larest rlai, inesicameriran as,line lefid a lsuawit against go go claimth the wi-fi isoo t slow.
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ctheacontrta lstsou thrgh .2018 ctheacontrat syse onc the rlaiinemi sub ntseotic thaty the haveeta bterf, ofhe tnty wao t rspeuadehe tmo t s.tay . > >>l,welis ths goett prey t.fas ooit liks ltke ioe ds. uyo cane rid7 07f iyoure a wigllin b toreak the bank. itn's a aston mnarti10 db- super .karr it's- -. car 'sitxp edecteo tl selor fs a chmus a $2.1. itou cldit h a top speedun arod 0 19smile anou hr but you't can ivdrhe tare c on thed. roa erthe's noes necysaro rad ceicrtifnatioce sin itas wui blt stju for theov mie. >> li calayng jen lo. haave ee flinge hlwile b a bi.dder >> g> anmover aentudit rlsevea
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inlow- hcomeinousg are not low in.come er>> h ke'syelseho twimas th a evpr oiewfer hep ryoort ilu wl eseig tonhtt a1: 100. i >>t'sap hinpeng all ascros the eyvall t buthe hngousi ariuthoty ois n utgrgin thep- deeetpocked nttenas tok pac up andve lea. wete wanod tw knoy. wh blpuicou hngsi s,oet coved in sornuthead neva,w fep peole eleaven even why the. can theai wtingt lis1, 1000eo pple. ma tkinghoseai wtim tes lr,onge do ozensf fieamil wsho earn too mu mchoney a dndon't moveut o. mtheyakety hefom inces and lstilli quafy forco disdunte ntres. n >>ngothie givss uth eb ayilit stoayo tou y,ou y youre a over in.come hyou taveoo. g f >>aleder l oawnly riedwrrshe t lyfami tove proy the are low cointme a t theimey thee mov .in
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sengndise tho pinackg. > >>anin sgo dieay tod, a upco ple'soget d ranm fro the neowndrs a hidns iidehe tou hse enwh thee firro bndke aou y a anmke broto in h the tomeo save theog d. dtheog wasak t tenoa et v. thoue c wple nasot hurt. they were told anct elelrica linegh caut aps dum oternfi re. p >>oorab b.y >> poor thing. >>at he to seeha tt. ap>> hopy tl telou yt thahe t dogta sna gone bka oy.
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"asccesols hol ghli,ts racame, mygrams. deunrcutr you successr o ke ta ctredi for your coaclimpmeshs.nt d>>idha tt play well? di day trloan lder h kaeny uncorte ncpuh? i'm billy bush. on the fpli si,de thele who st yor behind that,f o a fdrien she beat. ho w hadhe tat gre perform performance of the nhtig ? h wesoave h mucuyoid dn't see. and wai ttlilou yr hea where elad weent to shrug off tseho audio issues. >> ian wt a fulln spif o this.lo ok at . this >> a l ootf rkis tsakeror wngki atth red ca.rpet we bakre dnowhe t best and a fewof
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kicendrk lamadar h the orperfe mancyoeversne iki tal ng blo tayr g tavepehe sech ev neeryo is tngalki about.we elcom toac " hcesswoollyod."it ll aam cen whe kacanye lled ortayl the ""bor wdnd ak too ed crorit fer h essuccs. >> re the areoi gong te bpl peoe al ong the w wayilho wy l trto undeutrcou ysur esccs or teak cr ited for your aplccomenishmts or r you mefa . >> not so seubtl mgeessa re edceiv .e sh useder h time onta ssge a e thst fir woman into hisry t o n wim albuheof tr yea t twiceo olscho kanye. ee i fkel lian me yld taor mi stght haill exve s y wh i madeha tt [ed mut ] mo faus >> t laswe ek, nykaewe t hetede a edsklo tayro t use the lsyric


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